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The Funky Cuts
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   Happiness is just around the bend
  The Main Ingredient
   Saying it and doin' it are two different things
  Bobby Byrd
   Gimme your hand
  The Burner Lee Austin
   I'm Gonna Get you Sucka
  The Gap Band
   Hustle on up (Do the Bump)
  Hidden Strength
  United Artists
   Be Truthful to me
  Billy Paul
   I Should Be dancing
  The Emotions
   Boogie Oogie OOgie
   Dance, Dance, Dance
  Phil Spector International
   Stop Look and Listen
  Donna Summer
   Dance a Little bit Closer
  Charo and the Salsoul Orchestra
  Harry Thumann
   Move your Boogie Body
   Chase me
  Con Funk Shun
   Chicken Scratch
  The Chili Peppers
   Don't throw your love in the garbage can
  Vicki Anderson
   Momma, Momma
  Betty Barney
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