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Clair Hyslop - Mojo Workin'
The Funky Cuts
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  The Barons
   That's a pretty good love
  Big Maybelle
   Tide of Love
  Miss LaVelle White
   Uh Uh Baby
  Little Willie John
   Service with a Smile
  Kuf-Linx // John Jennings
   The Headshrinker
  Johnnie Mae Mathews
   And Satisfy
  Nancy Wilson
   Work Song
  The Deltas
   One Step at a Time
  Maxine Brown
   Where do I go From Here
  Al Kent
  Ric Tic
   Love Ain't Nothing (but a monkey on my back)
  Johnny Nash
   Keep on Walkin"
  The Pepsitones
   Do it to me
  Hector Rivera
   Wobble Time
  Lester Young
   Three Cool Cats
  The Coasters
   Chills and Fever
  Ronnie Love
   Somewhere Down the Line
  Little Johnny Taylor
   Let me be your boy
  Wilson Pickett
   If this is Love (I'd rather be lonely)
  The Precisions
   If I were a Carpenter
  The Four Tops
  Tamla Motown
   Pass The Hatchet
  Roger & The Gypsies
  Seven B
   That Driving Beat
  Willie Mitchell
   I'm a Man
  Spencer Davis Groop
   That's the Way it's got to be
  The Poets
   It Ain't Necesarily so
  Milton Grayson
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