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2120 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago
The Funky Cuts
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   Bring it to Jerome
  Bo Diddley
   Down in the Bottom
  Howlin' Wolf
  Pye International
   Much Too Much
  Bobby Rush
   Who's Cheating Who
  Little Milton
  Pye International
   The Brush Off
  Jan Bradley
   Jerk and Twine
  Jackie Ross
   One Night Affair
  The O'Jays
  Tony Clarke
   Happy Feet
  Dave 'Baby' Cortez
   A Hard Day's Night
  Ramsey Lewis trio
   Use what you got
  Sugar pie DeSanto
  Pye International
   Miss Pitiful
  Etta James
   My babe
  Dale Hawkins
   Talk Dark Handsome Man
  Bobby Cisco
   You Left the Water Running
  Maurice and Mac
   Hold On
  the Radiants
   Wang Dang Doodle
  Koko Taylor
   Walk that walk
  Eddie Bo
   Long Tall Shorty
  Tommy Tucker
  Pye International
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