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Gary Love on the Decks
The Funky Cuts
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   Boogie Man
  Louie Ramirez
   You've been talking
  Ray Terrace
   Chicken and Rice
  Jack Costanza // Gerry Woo
  Monguito Santamaria
   Take a Trip
  Latin Blues Band
   Mess Around
  Larry Harlow
   Times are a changing
  Jimmy Sabatier
   Having fun
  Pepe Fernandez
  20th Century Fox
   The African Twist
  Charlie Palmieri
   Mia's Boogaloo
  Ossie Torrens
   Proud Mary
  Lebron Bros.
   What more can you ask for
  The Latin Dimension
   Johnny on the warpath
  Johnny Rivera
   Lucy's Spanish harlem
  Louie Ramirez
   Fat Mama
  Johnny Zamot
   Willie Whopper
  Willie Colon
   Cool Jerk
  Ossie Torrens
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