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Mikey Collins, Kev Knowles - Goodfoot 2004
The Funky Cuts
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   Looking for you
  Garnet Mimms
  United Artists
   I still love you
  Seven Souls
   My Love is Getting Stronger
  Cliff Nobles
   Mighty Lover
  The Ideals
   Touch my heart
  The Vonettes
   In Love
  Tony Galla
   What good am I (without you)
  Mickie Champion
   I want to Know
  Merle Spears // THE TREATS
   Think it Over
  B.B. King
   (To win the Race) Keep the Faith
  Harold Melvin & Blue Notes
   I Chose to sing the blues
  Ray Charles
   Just Can't get enough of you
  The Apollas
   Think it over (before you break my heart)
  Brenda Holloway
   That's Why
  Syl Johnson
   My Young Misery
  Darrow Fletcher
   Ain't that asking for trouble
  Stevie Wonder
  Tamla Motown
   Lay that burden down
  Arthur Wright Orchestra
   I'll Never forget you
  Chris Jackson
  Soul City
   Ooh Baby
  Johnny Sayles
   What is this
  Bobby Womack
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