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Chess Box and some Covers
The Funky Cuts
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   Right Now
  Isley Brothers
   Come See About me
  The Originals
   My Mama Told Me
  Barbara Carr
   Feeling Good
  Jean Du Shon
   Gangster of Love
  Jimmy Norman
   Who is she and What is she to you
  Soul Children
   I've got my mind set on you
  James Ray
   Evil Ways
  Village Callers
   I Need your Lovin'
  Dee Dee Ford // Don Gardner
   Bang, Bang man
  Little Hank
  Sound Stage 7
   It Tears meup
  Percy Sledge
   Too Busy Thinking 'bout my Baby
  Jimmy Ruffin
   My Dear Heart
  Diana Ross
   Can't Shake it
  Etta James
   I've got a Claim on You
  Betty Everett
   Billy Young
  Feed the Flame
   You really know how to hurt a guy
  Ralph "Soul" Jackson
   Wish Someone would care
  Irma Thomas
   Ain't no more room
  the kittens
   Night Rumble pt 1
  Mark V
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