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Northern Soul The Vinyl
The Funky Cuts
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   She'll come running back
  Mel Britt
   Sweep it out in the shed
  Tobi Lark
   Night Owl
  Roy Hemmings
  Joe Boy
   Can't get over these memories
  Jon // The Weirdest
   Cool Off
  Detroit Executives
   Silent Treatment
  Arin Demain
   Sitting in my class
  Ronnie McNeir
   Human Jungle
  The Fugitives
   Exus Trek
  The Luther Ingram Orchestra
   The Day you take one, you have to take the other
  The Marvelettes
   Love, Guess who
  Martha Reeves // The Vandellas
  Velvet Hammer
   You're ready now
  Frankie Valli
   Strange Change
  Herb Ward
   What good am I
  Mickey Champion
   My first lonely night (Sukiyake)
  Jewel Akens
   New York in the dark
  Ad Libs
  Soul City
   What’s your game
  Young Brothers
   I’m where it’s at
  The Jades
  Soul City
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