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The Funky Cuts
funk // soul // rhythmandblues // jazz // bugalu

The Art of the 45 is to be found in the sound from the groove as the the needle is applied. Francis Murphy will exploring his record collection and playing a selection each week on The Funky Cuts. This with a look at the shelves rather than his club play out boxes. Funk, soul and sixties styled R&B will still feature with ska, Latin, disco and smooth grooves from the eighties with a sideways swing into electro and other dance beats. Francis Murphy DJs at Mojo Workin' in the basemeent of The Rum Shack, Pollokshaws Road every third Saturday of the month, Soul Bowl at Jordanhill Bowling Club on the last Saturday of every other month and at Thank Funk it's Friday on the last Friday of every other month. You can also catch him at Southside Soul on the FIRST Saturday of most months at Pollok ES Social Club. All club nights can be found on Facebook

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Cover Songs and Answer tunes
15/05/2018 // Cover Songs and Answer tunes

A cover song according to Wikipedia is a new performance or recording by someone other than the original artist or composer of a previously recorded, commercially released song. In the 19th Century if you wanted to hear a song you sang it yourself or you listened to someone else sang. Songwriters made their money through sheet music or writing songs for others to bring to the stage and in later years the radio. It took to the late 1950's for record sales to overtake sheet music sales and the piano in the parlour was replaced by a gramophone. Even then the song was king as the record companies brought out versions by their contracted popular singers. Hits in the States were then covered by UK artists. Cover songs exist today as remixes, edits and versions. The Answer song was written to respond to usually a hit record and country and rhythm and blues charts.

The Funky Cuts presents a selection of cover and answer songs some of which served to fill up an album. Two of the artists hits a couple of someone else's hits and songs written by the arranger or producer or someone whom the producer owed money too. You might spot examples in today's selection.

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