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Takin' It Easy
Theez Boyz R Athletes
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   Theez Boyz
  So Icey
   Take It Easy
  The Eagles
   Already Replaced
  Steve Hauschildt
   Midnight Feast (Bibio Remix)
=== 0h 15m 39s. Theez Boyz kick off the evening with some stress reducing cress growing tips. Relax guy. ===
   I'll Keep On Loving You
  Walter Jones
=== 0h 23m 57s. After de-stressing with the sounds of the jungle, Romance recounts the moment that made him decide to travel a more stress free path on his life journey. We also read out the first of your relaxation tips. ===
   Sea Of Pulses
  Tim Hecker
=== 0h 38m 30s - 01h 12m 35s. Layman's "Fairly Relaxig Mix". ===
   Equalized #005
   Equalized #005
  Aphex Twin
  Aphex Twin
   Melanie B's Who I Want To Be
  The Other People Place
=== 1h 12m 35s. Layman & Romance transport the listeners to the island of Tobago where we de-stress by eating some nice crab and taking more of your relaxation tips. ===
  Fleetwood Mac
  Blue Horizon
   Orinoco Flow
  Essa'y // Stumbleine
  Free download
   Blood Of A Slave (Obey City Remix)
  B. YRSLF division
   The Wilhelm Scream (Live at WFUV)
  James Blake
   Nuclear Season (Hackman Remix)
  Charli XCX
  This Is Music
=== 1h 52m 35s - Theez Boyz read out the last of your relaxation tips. Thanks to everyone who got involved.. ===
   Da Dodgems (DJ Puffin Remix)
  Free download
   Hypnotic ST-8
  Altern 8
  Network Records
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