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Theez Boyz Reunited
Theez Boyz R Athletes
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   Theez Boyz
  So Icey
=== 0h 07m 49s - Usual introductions. Romance discusses having his trousers forcibly removed, eating lasagne in bed and Go Karting drunk. Layman discusses being forcibly dragged from rooms, being late for work and unwittingly going about your business with your flies down. ===
   New Beat
  Toro Y Moi
   Lights Over Fort Lee
  Rush Hour
   Black Ice
  Haunted Audio
  DJ Dom
  Blunted Robots
   Dead Eyes
  More Music
   Lights On (Girl Unit Remix)
  Katy B // Ms Dynamite
   All I Want
  Project Squared
   In The Deep
  Deep Teknologi
   Polyphonic Pressure
  Slit Jockey
=== 1h 9m 08s - Layman & Romance are joined in the studio by regular guest Sarah Shaw. Win A Day In A Spa with Theez Boyz winner John Hall announced, well done John Hall. Theez Boyz also discuss Highland Games and all that that involves. Theez Boyz also berate a four year old for dropping a laptop. What was she thinking?! ===
   How can i tell you?
  White Label
   Turn You On
  Well Rounded
   Grab Somebody
   Japanese Animation
  Japanese Telecom
   Make Em Run
  DJ Nate
  Planet Mu
   Who Da Coldest
  DJ Rashad
  Planet Mu
  DJ Rashad
  Planet Mu
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