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Mick Wills Will Mix
Theez Boyz R Athletes
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   Bitin My Style
  White Label
   Love Is The Drug
  Roxy Music
0h 11m 30s // Layman and Romance introduce the show and discuss various interesting topics. They also announce the winner of last week's competition, well done Jaunty Megalith from Worcester! Box o' socks in the post!
====0h 22m 20s // Romance's Disco Micks====
   Fire To Desire
   Cherchez Pas
  Madleen Kane
   Crave You
  Flight Facilities // Giselle
  bang gang 12 inches
   Calling All Boys (Kinky Lovers Mix)
  Mick Wills
  International Deejay Gigolos
   Rhythm Machine
  Mick Wills
  International Deejay Gigolos
====0h 39m 00s // End of Romance's Disco Micks====
====0h 44m 00s // Mick Wills Mix====
   Lost Highway O.S.T.
  artist unknown
  Fontana Interscope
   Helden Platz (M.W. Edit)
  Kirlian Camera
  Virgin Dischi
  Factory Floor // Au
  Blast First Petite
   Mannequin (Electro Version)
  Experimental Products
  Short Circuit Records
   This Love (M.W. Edit)
  Jared Wilson
   Back Road To Nirvana
  Underground Resistance
  Underground Resistance
   It´s The Monkey!!! (M.W. Edit)
   My So Called Robot Life Part 2
  Andreas Gehm
   Crisis (M.W. Edit)
  Tik & Tok
   New World Order II
  Zyntax Motorcity
   The Shadow "In Praise Of Shadows"
====1h 47m 37s // End of Mick Wills Mix====
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