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Name A Pub with Theez Boyz R Athletes!
Theez Boyz R Athletes
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   Theez Boyz
  So Icey
=== 0h 06m 30s - Theez Boyz introduce the show with some light hearted discussion of the recent tragic "B-Quake" in Blackpool. Was it an April Fools prank? Pretty insensitive if it was. Layman drops the bomb on Romance's new life. ===
   Fireworks (Deadboy's Sl Mo House Edit)
  Drake // Alicia Keys
  Post Present Medium
   No Mean City
  Mike Moran // Maggie Bell
   Get A Taste
  Cylob Industries
   Got Blinded
  Toro Y Moi
=== 0h 32m 00s - Theez Boyz introduce this week's competition - Name A Pub. Come on, just name one!. ===
   Games People Play
  Sweet G
   Ready Or Not
  Herbie Hancock
   Angel In My Pocket
   Cherchez Pas
  Madleen Kane
=== 1h 05m 30s - First pub name ideas come flooding in. Some great suggestion: - "The Sandy Beach" "The Seaman's Duck" "The King's Drum Arms In" "The Arms In" "The Monkey Box" "The Athletes Head" "The Hungry Waiter" "The Head's Arms" "The Fantastic Crown" "The Sock & Bucket" "The W*nker's Rag" "Lemmy's Mole" "The Ballbag In" "The Auld Inn Out" "The Dog Inn" "The Dolphin's Face" "The Royal Abortion" "The Constipated Lion" ===
   Love Sensation
  Loleatta Holloway
   After We Talked
  Gold Panda
  Ghostly International
   Don't You Want It?
   Shake It
  DJ Deller
  White Label
   Dance Disco
  Black Ivory
  Wankers United
=== 1h 36m 30s - More pub name suggestions. These ones were particularly good - "The Horseman's Shoe" "The Old Bent Hobo" "Arthur's Hat" "The Four Little Johnstones" "The Magnificent Elk" "Thomas Jefferson's Talented Hands" "Mark Jacob's Hair Restaurants" "Han's Hands" "Slow Solomon's Rest" ===
   Pros & Cons Of War
  Beem // Joxaren
   Jack The House
  Kikumoto Allstars
  International Deejay Gigolos
=== 1h 41m 47s - More Suggestions - "The Cock In Dog" "The Horny Grimace" "The Dutch Oven" "St. Michael's Tiny Face" "The Cat's Arms" "The Cat's Face Inn" "The Rusted Trombone" "Troy's Wooden Horse" SUPREME!"
   Hand To Phone
   Plug Me In
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