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The Death by Radio Adventures
electro // rnb // chiptune // booty // happyhardcore

Nugget and the Ghetto Scientist are taking over your internets! The Death by Radio Adventures was formed from a special episode of Let's Get Physical so time-travel and actual scientists may be involved. With special guests big booty bass, happy hardcore taken seriously, impromptu rapping, ZX81 game music, aqua-crunky r'n'b and any sound made on a Gameboy. This is the retro-future.

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Level 7: Cinnabar Island
17/02/2011 // Level 7: Cinnabar Island

Ciaran and Kirstin have rounded up enough high level Pokemon to fight Blaine in his Cinnabar Island gym. We'll be playing songs at him to hopefully get that Volcano Badge. Wish us luck! Because we want to be the very best.

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