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The Dark side Of The Club
dubstep // garage // bass // glitch // post

Menacing, bass-heavy productions with layers of electronic noise. An all together higher calibre of low end frequency, charting bass music from across this world. Featuring the freshest in post Dilla hip hop, dubstep so new it's just about got its step and any thing else which might make your face rattle. Sometimes future, sometimes filthy... always now

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Sicker than ill
28/01/2010 // Sicker than ill

Some sensual remixes to guide you gently towards the weekend. Hear Joy Orbison's utterly delightful rework of Love Cry from Four Tet's new LP.

Mount Kimbie's parter in crime, James Blake throws his take on Maybes while we play Glasgow's fresh face on the abstract hip hop scene, Dam Mantle's finest productions .

All through the menthol haze of soggy tissues and vicks vapour rub.

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