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The Curators
comedy // baltimore // breakbeat // 80spop // glitch

Most people are idiots. Today's society allows these idiots to choose everything themselves: idiots choose there own pop idols, who wins gameshows, who gets to play at music festivals, who wins awards. Society even allows the biggest idiots to vote as many times as they want. These people don't know what they want. They're not even British about it, they are sanctimonious, censorious, and snobbish. Where are the curators, the guides, the svengalis? Here. We, the curators, will provide them with the music, jokes, opinions they need. There will be no voting, there will be no evictions, you will like it. We are idiots too, but we at least know what's good for you.

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Getting ready to rock the secret venue
14/03/2009 // Warming up for Assault

I'm playing just before DJ Assault on Friday, this was a wee glimpse into some of the crap I have in my miby pile for this one. I'm expecting a massive soundsystem so prepare for the basslines.

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