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The Crasier Frane Show
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   Dead Cops/America's So Straight
  R Radical
   Sounds of Laughter
   I Apologize
  Husker Du
   Brave Captain
   King of the Hill
   Oscar's Eyes
  Gray Matter
   Everybody's Getting Banned
  Government Issue
   Centre Where Sight
   Teenage Problems
  Fucked Up
   My Life's Alright Without You
  No Age
  Fat Cat
   My Shadow
  Jay Reatard
  In the Red
   Pleased to meet you
  White Label
   Automatic Shmuck
  The Hives
  Burning Heart
   Banned in DC
  Bad Brains
  Jackie Onassis
  White Label
   Beach Blanket Bongout
   Cherokee Nation
  Ill Repute
   Watermelon in easter hay
  Frank Zappa
  Barking Pumpkin
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