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The Couch Club
comedy // chat // pop // easylistening

Following their ever-popular podcast of idleness, Brian and Andy are back with The Couch Club - Subcity Radio's new Saturday breakfast show! Listeners can enjoy a great blend of features and popular music, all brought to you with the irrepressible banter that made The Couch Club a hit. Calling idlers everywhere - sit back, kick off your shoes, enjoy!

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We Were On A Break!
21/05/2011 // We Were On A Break!

Oh yes, the lads are back this week...wait, where did they go? Actually they were here all along but a technical difficulty (apparently Brian's fault) prevented the recent shows from actually broadcasting. Well now they're definitely back and on air. This week, look forward to some life-changing news and events, a big catch-up on the 'World of Twitter' and all the usual Saturday fun including BAGEL and a stellar bunch of tunes.

Join us from 9-11am this Saturday on subcity.org

The Couch Club - Tireless on the Wireless

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