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The Co-operative
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Sean and Dave enjoy a studio with a view, relive old dreams, and try to re-master the skills of radio presenting. Are they successful? You decide! Sean has a theme but keeps it to himself for most of the show, and Dave is careful to cite his sources, having stolen someone else's music taste once again.
  Winchester Hospital Radio
   Beauty & the Beast
  Bill Nelson
  Frank Black Francis
  Cooking Vinyl
   Prelude & Fugue No.2 in Cm
  Wendy Carlos
  East Side Digital
   New career in a new town
  David Bowie
   The Cold House is a Harsh Mistress
  Lonesome Organist One Man Band
  Thrill Jockey
  Thrill Jockey
   No Regrets
  The Walker Brothers
   Hitchiker's Guide
  White Label
   Campus Capers
  The Regency Players
  Winchester Hospital Radio
  Andrew Kazdin // Thomas Z. Shepard
Subcity Radio is a non-profit freeform radio station supported by the University of Glasgow Students' Representative Council.
Scottish Charity Number SC006970.