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Good afternoon! Glory, you can now listen to the show at the perfectly respectable hour of four o clock after the noon! Joy joy! This week, a vague cohesion of songs in the area of film soundtracks. EVERY song played has featured in a film.. If you think I am lying then perhaps your definition of "film" is not broad enough! Umm.. we mention quite a few music videos during this show, and for your convenience I have posted up the links in our Co-operative face book group here http://www.facebook.com/group.php?v=wall&viewas=0&gid=138197276636 . Join us!
   Title Music from A Clockwork Orange
  Walter Carlos // Rachel Elkind
  Warner Bros.
   Supiria (narration)
  Krzysztof Komeda // Mia Farrow
   Morning Birds Scream
  Mount Sims
  International Deejay Gigolos
   Snake Meadows
  Ola Bergman
  New Speak
   Wave of Mutilation
  Frank Black Francis
  Cooking Vinyl
   The Killing Moon
  Echo & The Bunnymen
   Reap the Wild Wind
   Escape from Ping Island
  Mark Mothersbaugh
  Buena Vista
   Electro Ned Hero
  Mark Mothersbaugh
  Buena Vista
   Hollywood 7
  Alides Hidding
   Like A Prayer
   Stand By Me
  Ben E. King
   Main Title, "Jack the Ripper"
  Jimmy McHugh
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