The Co-operative
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   Riders In The Sky
  Burl Ives
   Casper the Friendly Ghost
  Daniel Johnston
  Eternal Yip Eye
   In the Back Yards
  The Rosebuds
  Esopus Magazine
   Song of the Spectres
  Mrs Edith Edwards
  National Museum Wales
   We Are Coming Back to Dance With You
  The Focus Group
  Esopus Magazine
   The Banshee
  Henry Cowell
   Supernatural Lancashire #5
  S McLoughlin
   Giriama Spirit Dance
  Giriama people, Kenya
   Ghost Song
  The Doors
   Grim Reaper
  The Milkshakes
  Damaged Goods
  Dusty Springfield
   The Seventh Seal
  Scott Walker
   Spirit Rappings
  Lucas Gonze
  White Label
  Ivor Cutler
   Ghost In My House
  R Dean Taylor
  Rare Earth
   Toccata in D Minor
  J.S. Bach // Donna Parker
  White Label
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