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Live compiling, right before your ears! Imogen and David attempt to make a coherent whole out of their hurriedly snatched bits and pieces.. this is what mish mash is all about! Unfortunately they get carried away and start issuing advice and rules on the science of compiling - please skip these bits, except the advice about the track number 5.
   Where were you?
  The Mekons
  Cooking Vinyl
   Rory ride me raw
  The Vaselines
  The Kinks
   Got off
  Times New Viking
   Freshly Squeezed/The Book House Boys
  David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti
  Warner Bros.
   A Day In The Radio
  Plus-Tech Squeeze Box
   Al Capone
  Prince Buster
  Animal Collective
  Fat Cat
  BMX Bandits
   Running Back
  Thin Lizzy
   Sufferin' in the Land
  Jimmy Cliff
   On the wolves' tip
  Huggy Bear
   Infinite Wavelength
  Ghostly International
   A suck of my Thumb
  Ivor Cutler Trio
  Cherry Red
   Say Goodbye
  Khan (feat. Julee Cruise)
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