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Seedy Sleazy
The Co-operative
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Frances takes us into the dark alleys of music with a playlist of sultry voices and questionable actions. But be assured this is art, not pornography. Alas, the combination of the cold, the mist and the long evenings have conspired to lull us all into dreamless nights, and so June Dolores, our resident psychoanalyst, will have to wait for next week. Be sure to go to bed early this week and get some dreaming done and let us know the results. Also, we pit Jarv and Lenny against each other as the King of Sleaze - let us know your thoughts.
   Seedy Films
  Soft Cell
  Magnetic Fields
   Why D'ya Do It
  Marianne Faithfull
   Arylic Afternoons
   Nice and Easy
  Horace Andy
   Closing Time
  Leonard Cohen
   Apple Pie Bed
  Lawrence Arabia
  Bella union
  Tune Yards
   Your Motion Says
  Arthur Russell
  Kate Bush
   Silver Soul
  Beach House
  Bella union
   C-C You Set The Fire In Me
  Tom Vek
  Go Beat
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