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Happy Birthday Whoopi Goldberg
The Breakfast Show
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   Swing Swing
  All American Rejects
Song to annoy Stuart
   Waking up in Vegas
  Katy Perry
  101 Distribution
   Skeleton Boy
  Friendly Fires
   Gimme Shelter
  The Rolling Stones
   Sweet Depostion
  Temper Trap
  Total Vegas
  Elton John
   Dirty Cash
  Dizzee Rascal
  Dirtee Stank
   Things we could share
  Groove Amada
   Raspberry Beret
  Warner Bros.
   I wish
  Bmg/Scotti Brothers
   Pinch Me
  Barenaked Ladies
   Somebody to Love
  Jim Carrey
   Signs (acoustic)
  Bloc Party
   Slip of a Girl
  Duke Special
  Commercial Marketing
   Band on the run
  Paul McCartney and Wings
   Music Sounds Better With You
   Spitting in the wind
  Badly Drawn Boy
  Twisted Nerve
   Don't Fear the Reaper
  Blue Oyster Cult
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