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   Don't Want To Know
  John Martyn
  The Beatles
   Happy Birthday
  Sufjan Stevens
  Asthmatic Kitty
   Star Guitar
  The Chemical Brothers
  The Beastie Boys
   Subterranean Homesick Blues
  Bob Dylan
   Time Will Show The Wiser
  Fairport Convention
   Five Man Army
  Massive Attack
   British Children On Smack
  The Yummy Fur
  Guided Missile
   Criminology (feat. Ghostface Killah)
   Into Eternity
  Jens Lekman
Big Stupid Scene's Big-gest, Stupid-est, Selection...est
   Can You Feel It?
  Maya The Tamperer
News - Thats News To Me
   Go Getta
  Young Jeezy // R Kelly
  Def Jam
Big Stupid Scene's Big Reggae Regatta
   Love I Can Feel
  John Holt
   The Poor Man Feel It
  Peter Tosh
  Buju Banton
  Loose Canon
  Simian Mobile Disco
   What Ifs & Maybes
  Bromheads Jacket
  Marquis Cha Cha
The Non-Sensical Trial Of Christian Bale (and his mouth)
  Imogen Heap
  RCA Victor
   Year Of The Cat
  Al Stewart
   Rappers Delight
  The SugarHill Gang
   Running Up That Hill (Deal With God)
  Kate Bush
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