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Big Stupid Scene's Ephemeral FM-Eral
The Breakfast Show
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   I Woke Up Today
  Port O'Brien
   The Russian
  The Bees
  Don Drummond & the Skatalites
   Things Are Here To Stay
  Tom Vek
  Tummy Touch
   Praise Him
  Udaipur Convent School Nuns
   Dirty Harry
   Ain' That a Kick in the Head
  Dean Martin
   Waters Of Nazareth
  Ed Banger
   Move On Up
  Curtis Mayfield
  The Cool Kids
  Joy Division
   Dance Of The Knights
  Riccardo Muti; Sergei Prokofiev
  Double Forte
   Me Name Jr. Gong
  Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
   She's Not There
  The Zombies
  Kill Rock Stars
   Suffragette City
  Seu Jorge
  Girls Aloud
  Stevie Wonder
   The Reflex
  Duran Duran
Things To Make And Do - A Jingle, Lost and Found
   The Harder They Come
  Jimmy Cliff
   In The Mood
  Glenn Miller
  Concord Jazz
Big Stupid Scene's Big Stupid Selection (Double Trouble)
   Short People
  Randy Newman
   Common People
  William Shatner
  Shout Factory
   Si Tu Dois Partir
  Fairport Convention
   Chan Chan
  Buena Vista Social Club
  World Circuit
   Nefi + Girly
  Asobi Seksu
  Friendly Fire
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Scottish Charity Number SC006970.