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George & Nikki: A Feature?????
The Breakfast Show
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   She Loves My Automobile
  ZZ Top
  Warner Bros.
   Take The Long Road And Walk It
  The Music
   God Is In The Radio
  Queens of the Stone Age
   Make No Sound
Feature: Who has the best 3 songs. George's Choice: (We Are Scientists, The Wombats, Woodenbox) Nikki's Choice: (The Who, The White Stripes, Wolfmother)
   Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt
  We Are Scientists
   Amazing Journey
  The Who
   Moving To New York
  The Wombats
   Ball And Biscuit
  The White Stripes
   Twisted Mile
  Wooden Box With a Fistful of Fivers
   Never Knew
  The Rocket Summer
   Up The Junction
   The Mixed Tape
  Jack's Mannequin
  Ian Ball
   On The Radio
  Regina Spektor
   What I Have Left
  Mike Bones
   5 Years Time
  Noah and the Whale
  Young And Lost Club
   In The Next Life (A Requiem)
  Mull Historical Society
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