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   Put Your Arms Around Me
   Whatever Happened To Corey Haim
  The Thrills
   Ain't No Other Man
  Christina Aguilera
   She's All Right
   3 Words
  Cheryl Cole // Will.I.Am
   The Hat
  Ingrid Michaelson
  Cabin 24
   Baby, I Love You
   Suddenly I See
  KT Tunstall
  The Pussycat Dolls // Snoop Dogg
   Promiscuous Girl
  Nelly Furtado // Timbaland
   Achey Breaky Heart
  Billy Ray Cyrus
  Tommy Roe
   Start Me Up
  The Rolling Stones
   House Of The Rising Sun
  The Animals
   Keep On Lovin' You
  REO Speedwagon
   Hey Jude
  The Beatles
   Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
   Y Viva EspaƱa
  Sylvia Vrethammar
   Love Machine
  Arctic Monkeys
   I Only Want To Be With You
  Bay City Rollers
   Take Another Piece Of My Heart
  Dusty Springfield
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