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The Bentinck Sessions
funk // electro // drumandbass // classics // breaks

The Bentinck Sessions presents a humourous array of chat, with which four flat mates melt and mould their ecelectic music tastes, all for the enjoyment of their lucky listeners. The music in question ranges from the latest and darkest floorfillers of the clubbing world to the smoothest and sexiest of 70s funk. Overall we just want to turn those frowns upside down and have a little wiggle.

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Bye Bye 106.6 FM Preview
16/03/2009 // Unnamed Episode

A Juicy Wee Taster Of Whats To Come This Friday From The Bentinck Boys

Unfortunately this week we were unable to bring you Cassidy as promised due to unforseen band illness...However in compromise we flood your ears with the finest funk, soul & disco in lieu of the End of FM Party this Friday.

You know the details, so all that's left to be said:


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