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The Beat Route
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  Drummatic Twins
   Who's afraid of detroit (stanton warriors remix)
  stanton warriors
   shake it up
  Hannah Holland // Mama
  Batty Bass
   128 trek
  DJ Zinc
   Disco Sirens (boy 8 bit remix)
  General Midi
   the dozens
  Fake Blood
  Cheap Thrills
   block parties
  Hot Cakes
   Never Do Well (freakhouze remix)
  Jon Lockley
  next level
   Make my day
  NAPT // louise marshall
   fuck yeah
  anarchy rice
  circuit freq
  Circuit Freq
   frequency (napt remix)
   Handz Up [Stanton Warriors RMX]
  DJ Deekline & Ed Solo
  Hot Cakes
   hold you
  Thursday Club
   shake it up
  stanton wariors // the beatnuts
  Deekline // Red polo // Eve
  bootybreaks uk
   Audio Assault
  General Midi
   rock chemistry
  Freeflow 45
   push the tempo (bassrockers remix)
  free space
  bass reflections
   fasten out
   You are right
  fisso // spark
  Dead Famous
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