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Flowers in the Sky 009
The Grass is Green in the Fields for You
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   Får jag va med i ditt gäng
  Skiftande Enheter
   October Kentucky
  Strapping Fieldhands
   You’re Kidding Aren’t You?
  The Field Mice
   This Perfect Day
  The Springfields
   She Haunts
  Biff Bang Pow!
   Does Love Last Forever?
   Beatnik Boy
  Talulah Gosh
  53rd & 3rd
   Always There
  Blue Boy
   Det Finns Ett Hjärta
  Enhet För Fri Musik
   In the room
  Tara Clerkin Trio
  Laura Lies In
   Blue Morning
  Carla Dal Forno
  Blackest Ever Black
   New Monotonic FM (Acoustic)
  Drive-In Records
   Somersault Records
   Something About Hope
  His Name Is Alive
  Joanne Robertson
  Feeding Tube
   This World is not Our Home
  Swarffinger Records
   Destroyer / Under the Void
  Triple Negative
  Penultimate Press
   Antler Mask
  Night People
   Candy Pink Sparkle
  Beige Palace
  Ent Lang
  Rose Hobart
   The Eclipse
   Wurlitzer Jukebox
   Beach Samba
   I’m Not Giving Up
  Secret Admirer
   Talking in the Kitchen
  Tara Jane O'Neil & Daniel Littleton
   Yes Sir! I Can Moogie
   Wurlitzer Jukebox
   Oswald Defence Lawyer
  The Fall
   Beggars Banquet ‎
   Limbo Swing
   Nicest Thing
  Maxine Funke
  I Dischi Del Barone
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