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Flowers in the Sky 005
The Grass is Green in the Fields for You
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  Lee Memorial
  Dot Dash
  Skiftande Enheter
  Leevande Begravd
   Fiction & Literature
  The Modern Art
  Music for Midgets
   Throwing Stones
  Sneaky Feelings
  Flying Nun
   Victoria Grey (2)
  Cleaners From Venus
  Captured Tracks
   Flavor Crystals
  Suburban Lawns
  IRS Records
   Lake Eerie
  Blast Off Country Style
   Something Happened
  The Rose Hips
   Hands in the Snow
  Saturday Looks Good To Me
   Oh My Friends
  Nap Eyes
  Paradise of Bachelors
  The Cat's Miaow
   In The Afternoon (Early Version)
  Revolving Paint Dream
  Magik Markers
  Drag City
   Le Service Abstrait
  Delphine Dora & Mocke
   Daisy Kiss
  Veronica Lake
   Summer Means New Love (Instrumental)
  Misty Hush Revival
   Romeo & Juliet
  Dire Straits
  Warner Bros.
   I Worship Paperclips
   Sweet Sweat (p.92-93)
  Justine Frank
   Kiss Kiss Kiss
  Yoko Ono
   I Want to Sleep With You
  Eleanor Rigby
  Future Legend
   Dream Baby
  Roy Orbison
   Modern Love (p.6-10)
  Constance DeJong
   Spunky Arthur / Dirty Fan Mail
   (My Heart Goes) Beat Beat
   Division St. Girl
  Jason Molina
  Secretly Canadian
   For The Wild
  Jon Collin
  Early Music
   Watching Films with the Sound Down
  Joan of Arse
  Scientific Laboratories
   Give it Up
  Shannon Lay
   How You Feel
  Brigid Mae Power
  Tompkins Square
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