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Flowers in the Sky 014
The Grass is Green in the Fields for You
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  Sonic Boom
   Black and White
  The Dbs
  Moving Targets
   Keep On Knocking
  Drag City
   Friday's Child (Demo)
  Satan's Rats
   Know What I Want
  The Split Screens
  Upset The Rhythm
   Black & Blue
  The Jasmine Minks
   — interlude —
   A Red Light for the Greens
  Deep Freeze Mice
  Night People
  The Pin Group
  Flying Nun
   Clear Off!
  The Fall
   Beggars Banquet ‎
   Are You Glad to Be in America
  James Blood Ulmer
   Seattle/Washington/Prague 00/68 Chicago...
  1-Speed Bike
   Cape of Seaweed
  The Shadow Ring
  Dry Leaf
   Facing The Wind
   Under Your Face
  April Fools
  The woolen Men
  Dog's Table
  Beauty Pill
   One Trick Pony
   Some Things Last A Long Time
  Daniel Johnston
  Shimmy Disc
   Entrances / Two
  Bill Dixon // Exploding Star Orchestra
  Thrill Jockey
   Beloved Invader
   Red Gradations
  Chicago Underground Duo
  Thrill Jockey
   — interlude —
   In Doorways To Rain
  Maxine Funke
  Epic Sweep
   Lice of Rainbows
  Giant Skyflower Band
  Soft Abuse
   I Hope You Do
  Irma Vep // Jon Collin
  Early Music
   One Take 3, Take 33
  Markus Floats
  Planet of the Tapes
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