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Temper Tendency
folk // electronica // postrock // ambient // classical

Temper tendency delves into the world of all things pretty and atmospheric. Broadly ranging from ambient techno to Icelandic glitch pop to post-rock to ambient folk, this show keeps its finger on the contemporary pulse with its up to date look on emerging musical trends in these said veins. A show as much to listen to whilst studying as it is whilst doing the dishes. Never dull and always floating, this is the show to take you some place you've never been before, but would rather be. Email Jack on [email protected] with feedback, suggestions, requests etc. I'll be happy to listen.

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19/05/2010 // Unnamed Episode

Hi All,

Thankyou for listening to tempertendency, I've had a great time and I hope you've had a great time listening. I hope I've inspired some of you to get out there and listen to different sorts of music than that thrust on you by the major radio stations.

Unfortunately as I'm heading back to Australia I will be unable to do the show next year, but thankyou all again. It's been great. Hit me up on facebook.

Jack Quirk

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