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Tarantism 59 - Credit To The Edits
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   Jungle Fever (Greg Wilson Edit)
  The Chakachas
  White Label
   Come Together (Decades Edit)
  George Benson
  White Label
   I'm In Love (Mark Wayward Edit)
  Nancy Wilson
  White Label
   Terra Promessa (Bottin Edit)
  Eros Ramazzotti
  White Label
   Love For The Sake Of Love (Social Disco Club Edit)
  Claudja Barry
  White Label
   What You Won't Do For Love (Get Down Edits Edit)
  Bobby Caldwell
  White Label
   Pushin' On (Situation Edit)
  The Quantic Soul Orchestra // Alice Russell
  Tru Thoughts
   Body Language (Mike Simonetti Edit)
  Jackson Five
  White Label
   I.C. Love Affair (Munk Edit)
  Gaz Nevada
  Expanded Music
   Upside Down (Late Night Tuff Guy Edit)
  Diana Ross
  White Label
   The Way You Move (Greg Wilson Edit)
  Social Disco Club & Maia
  Bear Funk
   Love Has Come Around (Combo ReEdit)
  Donald Byrd
  White Label
   Try It Out (Tony Johns & Dynamicron Edit)
  Gino Soccio
  White Label
   Radio Ga Ga (Combo ReEdit)
  White Label
   Falling In Love (InnerWestSoul Edit)
  White Label
   Gimmie Shelter (The Apple Scruffs Edit)
  The Rolling Stones
  White Label
   Getting Away With It (Greg Wilson Edit)
  White Label
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