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Tarantism 18 - Collaborations
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   Uh Ah
  Munk // Princess Superstar
   SaxTrack (Dub Mix)
  Sebo K // Metro
   Chrystal City
  Alan Braxe // Fred Falke
   Rippin Kittin
  Golden Boy // Miss Kittin
  Ladomat 2000
   Sweat (XXXChange Remix)
  Juiceboxxx // Dreskull
  Vicious Pop
   Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head
  Gorillaz // Dennis Hopper
   Good Times
  INXS // Jimmy Barnes
   Just a Woman (Audion Version)
  Ellen Allien
  Spectral Sound
   Just a Man (Ellen Allien Version)
  Spectral Sound
   Ups & Downs
  Snoop Dogg // Bee Gees
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