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Tarantism 61 - Madame Tussaud's Waxy Secrets
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   SIDA (DJ Spider Remix)
  Ibrahim Hamma Dicko
   Σ 'αγαπώ
  Unknown Cretan
  White Label
   Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
  Led Zeppelin
   These Days
  Alex Bleeker
  Group Tightener
   Goodbye Toulouse
  The Stranglers
  United Artists
   Grab Your Baby By The Hand
  Surfin' Ki
   Space Invaders are Smoking Grass
  I F
   New Gold Dream (81/82/83/84)
  Simple Minds
   Mr. X
   I'll Fly For You
  Spandau Ballet
   Beautiful Seven
   Heart's Desire
  Sunlight Square
   Untitled A1
  Disco Tribal Vol. 2
  Not On Label
   Just Call (Collect Call Mix)
   Gloria Can You Waddle?
  Boney M
   Sex Crime (nineteen eighty four)
   All Join Hands
  Kerri "Kaoz 6:23" Chandler
   Everything She Wants (Remix)
  X-Press 2 // David Byrne
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