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Tarantism are a duo if music enthusiasts from Glasgow who believe in accepting all types of sound regardless of origin. Their expansive and eclectic taste in music spans from 60's experimental psychedelia, to blues, to house and through to the most recent contemporary and experimental releases in electronic music. From mixing house and techno to speaking in depth about the history of blues, Tarantism jump from genre to genre amongst some banal and heinous chat. Sit back, relax and listen...

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03/06/2013 // Tarantism 62 - MWX

After a(nother) lengthy haitus, we're back for another installment of Tarantism. Tonight, we're welcoming friend and multitalented DJ/designer/artist, MWX, to the Subcity studio!

MWX has been playing tunes for a number of years, most notably through her own promotion, Hot City, which spanned from Aberdeen to Glasgow and brought a blend of spacey visual and aural stimulus to the dancefloor. Now, working alongside Glasgow stalwart Hushpuppy (formerly of R-P-Z), she brings a medley of of disco, italo and cosmic space jams to the ears of revellers at her new club-night, Maxi Dance Pool. Last month's party at Basura Blanca (Brunswick Hotel) was amazing, so we're really excited to hear what she brings to the studio tonight.


Find out more about MWX here!

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