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So You Think You're Woke?
hiphop // rnb // poc // talkshow // feminism

"So you think you're woke" will follow a talk show format where I will invite guests once a month onto the show to initiate conversations as well as continue conversations surrounding ideas of Millenial "wokeness", art, intersectional feminism, mental health and PC culture. The show will be predominantly aimed at Minority groups including the LGBT, the BAME and WOC/POC. I'll share upcoming art events, parties, gigs and chilled spots where like-minded people can hang out and find groups to join etc. The show will be chatty and informal, and folk can also tune in for some good vibes, laughs, banter and good music, some good old school tunes, RnB, jazz, and Hip-hop.

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talking events with Marina Bastos

My partner in crime and all around events gal (marina ) and will be talking events, summer, and festivals. Come spend a chilled Monday afternoon with us <3

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