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1000 Metre Mexican Freestyle: with Lucha Libre
Swimteam Records
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   Pull It (Ill Blu Remix)
  White Label
   Ja Ja Ja
  Malente // Spieltrieb
  Southern Fried
   Golden Axe
  Mums of Death
  Greco Roman
   Something On Your Mind
  Gte // Kelsey
   Blackberry Hype
  Maxwell D // Lil Silva
  White Label
   On Your Marks
  R1 Ryders
  R1 Ryders
   On The Line
  White Label
   Whats My Name (Brenmar Club Mix)
  White Label
   Hands Up (French Fries Remix)
  Daniel Haaksman // Seguindo Sonhos
   East Rand
  DJ Cleo
  White Label
   Fi Come Dance (Warrior One Remix)
  Lee Mortimer
   Night Hunter
   (Baby I Don't Know) What You Want
  Jacques Greene
  Night Slugs
   Hold On To Your Misery (Pumped by Hot City)
  Moshi Moshi
   Ragga Tip
  DJ Q
   I Love You So (Skream Remix)
  White Label
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