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Swimteam Records
house // electronic // disco // experimental // soundtrack

Swimteam Records a new Glasgow DIY electronic label run by Suse and Frazer and host to artists Alpine Ski Champion and HaHaHa. Each month, Swimteam will showcase and debut new material from the labels roster along with other favourites and similar artists. Check us out at SwimteamRecords.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ //21st March 2011 - Spring Time Swim Team// ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lone! Seiji! Doc Daneeka! C.R.S.T! Den Haan! mmm ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Two Hundred Metre Freestyle
29/11/2010 // Two Hundred Metre Freestyle

Swimteam records are here from 6-7pm to give your ears the best and freshest of the months tunes. Hear new Alpine Ski Champion, Albert K, HaHaHa, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and plenty more.

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