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Sweat The Technique
hiphop // electronic // dubstep // shmad

Smash and Sam give you an hour of bizzumpin' beats guaranteed to satisfy your ears with audio treats. Playing the likes of hip hop, electronic, and dubstep, we bring you the latest celeb trash gossip, radio soaps, and keepin' you in the know with whats in and whats in the bin. Get involved, yo.

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Six Degrees From Kevin Bacon
02/12/2008 // Six Degrees From Kevin Bacon

Listen in this week for of our crackin' banter followed by just a few of our musical spectaculars. Dont miss some whats going up/going down in our world this week, our regular dish of celeb trash gossip and our weekly chats of our current theme. Tune in, or don't probably better if you don't.

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