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folk // roots // country // rb // hillbilly

Nothing is as different as we think it is and anything is possible. I'll be discussing the racist & classist roots of genre from pre recording era to now and showcasing the common history of all music. Expect unexpected covers, genre defying singles, and intermittent information about the history of music.

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   11:00 - 12:00
   Mon, 30/12/2019
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R.L. Burnside
02/12/2019 // R.L. Burnside

Just gonna talk about the life and legend of R.L. Burnside for an hour and play as many of his bangers as I can. From the Mississippi delta, R.L. learned to play guitar from watching people like Mississippi Fred McDowell and Muddy Waters. He played for awhile, got recorded by Alan Lomax, traveled around and then settled back into life in the delta. For awhile the only place he played was at a bar own by Junior Kimbrough. Then in the 90s he re-emerged and got signed by Fat Possum and put out a bunch of bangin' albums that you can hear me talk about Monday at 11am.

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