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Support Your Local Poet
indie // pop // shoegaze // poetry // twee

Welcome to your musical past, present and future. Support Your Local Poet is a show celebrating all bands and artists hailing from Scotland. Featuring shiny new up-and-comers to the good old faithfuls that fill our ears with sunshine on dreary days. Featuring poetry readings, gig reviews and interviews with local artists thrown in for good measure. Contact: [email protected]

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Snow and Lights
02/12/2010 // Unnamed Episode

Glasgow is covered in snow and no-one can leave their houses for work and uni. Somehow I managed to make the trek to the Subcity studio to bring you some cosy Scottish sounds to listen to while sipping a hot chocolate and watching the snow fall. Romantic! Either that or to calm you whilst your sipping a red bull and frantically studying for your upcoming exams... Probably the latter.

Here are some awesome links for some awesome bands:

http://www.myspace.com/rememberremember Remember Remember are also supporting the mighty Belle & Sebastian in Glasgow Barrowlands on 19th, 20th and 21st December.



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