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The Blessed Black Stuff
Sunset Mission
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   A Spit in the Ocean
  Fred Frith
   A Day Such As This
  Pere Ubu
  Get Back
   Litebulb Overkill
  Tuxedo Moon
  Not On Label
   Whoo Doo Voodoo
  Sauter-Finegan Orchestra
   Bauhaus Retreads
  Christian Lunch
  Alternative Tentacles
   Wax The Van
  Arthur Russell
   Everyone Squeaks Gently
  Danielle Dax
   Chronosynclastic Infundibula
   Afghani Dub
  The Mothmen
  Cherry Red
   Orgone Accumulator (Live 1972)
  American Phonograph
   Breathe Deep
  Cabaret Voltaire
  Rough Trade
   Smelly Tongues
   Why Are We Here
   Master Builder
   Good Cop, Bad Cop
  Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet
   Summer's End
  Maggot Fodder
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