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Sunset Mission
underground // psychedelic // dark // sleazy // exotik

Roadhouse sleaze, midnight death jazz, psychedelic nocturnal transmissions, black mass blues, voodoo exotika, darkwave industrial throb.

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In Fear of Dub
15/04/2009 // In Fear of Dub Part 2

Dr. Strangeloaf follows last week's Sunset Mission with a sequel to 'In Fear of Dub', an effort to dust out the darkest, dingiest corners of the dub diaspora. From Jamaican cannabis haze paranoia to skittery South London beats, bridged by the pessimistic post-punk of PiL, Bauhaus and Cabaret Voltaire, these two shows explore the more sinister turns of the tape reel. Expect claustrophobic walls of bass, pagan percussion and echoes from neglected tower block corridors.

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