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Suck My Left One
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   Suck My Left One
  Bikini Kill
  Kill Rock Stars
   Hot and cold
  Sailor Tongue
   Paranoia (live)
  Sweet Talk
   Sleaze Campaign
  The Physicists
  Complete Control
   Tenen non neu
  Duchess Says
   Ccut up
  Duchess Says
   Rock Show
   Little bit (CSS Remix)
  Lykke Li
   California bleeding
  All Or Nothing H.C.
  On The Rag
  Bruise Violet
   Next on the list
  Mad Mom
   Virus envy
  Sister George
   Out of the system
  Planet Eyelash
   Slapping Barbie
  Planet Eyelash
   Konichiwa bitches
   Zombie manifesto
  Zombies! Organise!!
   Sheena is a punk rocker
  Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  War Child
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