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And the dead shall walk the earth
Suck My Left One
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   Tubular Bells
  Mike Oldfield
   Beast Infection
  The Formaldebrides
  The Horrorpops
   Sleeps With Demons
   Ghosts and Ghouls
  Vile Vile Creatures
   Zombie Go-Go Girl
  The Fnords
   Human Fly
  The Cramps
   Dia De Los Muertos
   Season of the Witch
  City Slang
   This ain't the Summer of Love
   Strawberry Gashes
  Jack Off Jill
   Vlad the Impaler
  Metal Blade
   Ring n Run
  Go Kart
   Fresh Meat
  The Deadutantes
  Hairball 8
   Army of Zombies
  Lars Fredriksen and the Bastards
   Psychobitches Outta Hell
  The Horrorpops
   Thunderkiss 65
  White Zombie
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