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Suck My Left One
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   Three man town
   I fought the angels
  The Delgados
  Chemikal Underground
   Torrey Pines
  Your Heart Breaks
  Do It For The Girls
   What's he got that I haven't
  Candy Panic Attack
   Water makes the blades blunt
  Too Pure
   If you're dancing (then I'm leaving)
  The Furious Bears
   We're in the music biz
  Robots In Disguise
   Huyton Scum
  Ste McCabe
   Hot Night Crash
  Sahara Hotnights
   Hey boy, you're oh so sensitive
  The Just Joans
   Tell the world
  Vivian Girls
  In the Red
   Walking alone
  The Carrots
   I'm so happy when you're here
  The Shaggs
  Third World
   Death of you
  White Heat
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