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Suck My Left One
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  The Gossip
  Kill Rock Stars
   Tax Dollar
  Erase Errata
  Kill Rock Stars
   The cycle song
  New Bloods
  Kill Rock Stars
   Bye Bye Baby
  Ronnie Spector // Joey Ramone
  Kill Rock Stars
   Zombie Hop
  Zombina and the Skeletones
   Cherry Bomb
  The Runaways
   Guitar Bore
   Volcano girls
  Veruca Salt
   Ain't you
  Rough Trade
   Dear John
  Au Pairs
   Johnny Cash
  Sons and Daughters
   Say Aha (Tepr Mix)
   TKO (Peaches Remix)
  Le Tigre
   I'm going crazy
  Scream Club
  Crunks Not Dead
   Hey boy, you're oh so sensitive
  The Just Joans
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