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Suck My Left One
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   One more hour
  Kill Rock Stars
   Eu de bedroom dancing
  Le Tigre
  Kill Rock Stars
   Swing Low
  The Gossip
  Kill Rock Stars
   50 foot queenie
  PJ Harvey
   Kissability Trilogy: The Wonder
  Sonic Youth
   Sweet and Sour
  The Takeaways
Please note: The Takeaways were a fictional band created for the ABC series Sweet and Sour
   Casual encounter
   Play the game
  Wendy and the Rocketts
  Deckchairs overboard
  Big Pig
   Bop Girl
  Pat Wilson
   Too young for promises
  Koo De Tah
   Man Overboard
  Do Re Mi
   I need all the friends I can get
  Camera Obscura
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